Customized Laptop Skins



Upload any Image of choice and get it printed as a Laptop Skin.


Texture Vinyl
Size 15.6/14.1
Shipping Usually dispatched within 24-72 Hours

Important Note:- Please Keep Filename of image to be Uploaded Short(<10 words) Otherwise it may mess up the Shopping Cart

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Product Description

Upload any Image of choice and get it printed as a Laptop Skin.

Please Keep in mind that the image would be printed as it is, So Please Upload a High Resolution Image.

We hold no responsibilty if the image is pixelated due to low resolution. It is Upto the customer to upload High Quality Image.

If the image has any copyright infrigment, PosterLelo Holds no responsibilty for the same and it is completely customer’s reponsibility to avoid uploading such images.

*Images with atleast 1920×1080 Pixels considered as High Quality.



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